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  • Print - Basquiat
  • Print - Basquiat


    • $400.00

    J-M Basquiat portrait seen by L.A.

    Portrait in black and white and color realized in mixed medias : Ink, acrylic, pencils and Posca markers. Created as an hommage to the iconic artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Some parts of this painting reminds a little bit his style. Lord Akeem tried to make a sort of cross over mixing their universes.


    From graffiti to paintings on canvas

    Artist of the 80's of popular avant-garde and pioneer of the underground movement, Jean- Michel Basquiat learns art alone, taking inspiration from the art galleries and music he loves.
    He begins to express himself with Al Diaz under the name SAMO, the signature used for their graffiti on the walls of New York City between 1977 and 1980.
    Born in Brooklyn in 1960, he died in 1988 at the age of 88 in Manhattan.
    In his short career, he collaborated with Andy Warhol, with whom he exploded and exhibited in New York.

    "Basquiat is a mirror reflecting what he was, what he is and would have dreamed of being" A. Warhol

    His style is characterized by a frank graphic design filled with bright colors and aggressive pencil strokes. Passionate about the human body, these paintings on canvas are anatomical. He also denounces racial injustices and displays his Creole origins on panels of abstract collages, before trying his hand at figurative, darker painting.

    At the age of 27, he leaves behind him a body of work consisting of more than eight hundred paintings and 1,500 drawings.

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