Lord Akeem started drawing at a young age inspired by the comics he was reading at the time. Then in the early 90's, with the strong rise of hip-hop culture, graffiti art captivated him and he started working and focusing on lettering.

Lord Akeem continues to forge his artistic identity as part of his advertising design studies, discovering new interests for other pictorial movements from which he draws inspiration: art nouveau posters, pop art, artists from various schools, classical or more contemporary paintings such as figurative narration or photo. His work is multi-faceted, combining all his influences: comics, hyperrealist painting, graffiti and pop art with specific themes but also watercolor ink drawings of portraits of musical artists whose talent he admires or illustrations of his composition.

In his work, he always brings this touch of his own, thus marking the crossing of a style close to academic art with a very urban footprint.

Lord Akeem masters mainly six techniques in graphic art: graphite drawing, colored pencils, ink, drawing with markers of paint, acrylic and oil. Very impregnated by American black music, from soul to funk through contemporary trends such as rap or house music, he has personally created illustrations and portraits for Dimitri From Paris, Masters At Work, Osunlade, Anderson Paak, Pete Rock & CL Smooth. All recognize him a talent but also the ability to have seized their universe through his works.


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