Lord Akeem's original works of art have been scanned in high definition or photographed with a Hasselblad camera to ensure the highest definition and best print quality of his prints. Lord Akeem is also referenced as a digigraphic artist published by the APC VIAUD laboratory, which has all the necessary approvals to use this label.

These digigraphic prints gather all the characteristics which define them as such: Printing on Digigraphie approved papers, embossing in relief on the prints, certificate of authenticity, signature and numbering by the artist himself.

These prints are made exclusively on professional large format Epson printers, with UltraChrome K3 pigment-based inks, which guarantee a life span of between 75 and 150 years. However, we offer the option of UV-resistant varnishes or glasses for additional protection of your prints.

Digigraphic prints are laminated on dibond plates and then framed. The frames are designed by the Nielsen brand, some models required a custom-made frame, always based on the brand's range of framing rods.

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